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Ponstan otc uk [15:34:07] Dennis_: someone send me news of cbs los angeles [15:34:09] BananaP: [15:34:10] Ejuze: i hope he's in custody! [15:34:18] Dennis_: CBS just stated live on that a suspect in the fire at cabin is in custody online pharmacy programs us [15:34:18] squirrelove4: thanks [15:34:20] knittas__: CNN just said there is now a $1M reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person or people in the cabin [15:34:21] Dennis_: CBS live: no suspect [15:34:22] cheese24: [15:34:26] kryptonik_: The broadcastify scanner feed just went down [15:34:31] cheese24: shit got fucked up [15:34:32] TheDirtyBurger: they are still having the live feed [15:34:33] bing: knittas__, it's not broken [15:34:43] TheDirtyBurger: but they lost the audio [15:34:46] ChocolateRambo: guys on the scanner are suggesting that deputy wasn't in the cabin at all [15:34:49] cheese24: they are playing an audiopdl [15:34:49] bing: ChocolateRambo, ah [15:34:50] buzzlightyear: i dont think he is actually in there [15:34:52] TheDirtyBurger: no [15:34:57] ChocolateRambo: Well atleast we buy ponstan 500mg still have that feed open [15:34:58] siversl: what's going on [15:34:59] bing: ChocolateRambo, link [15:35:03] buzzlightyear: [15:35:04] cj___: @chocolaterambo whats a burner phone? [15:35:09] cheese24: yeah scanner just died [15:35:10] ThereIsNoJustice: [15:35:17] Anarcie: cheese24: its still listening [15:35:19] buzzlightyear: @Zeddie32 lol [15:35:21] TheDirtyBurger: [15:35:24] catsweaters: Scanner's gone. :( [15:35:25] Anarcie: theres no audio on the scanner [15:35:27] catsweaters: :( [15:35:30] TheDirtyBurger: is ponstan available over the counter in the uk fuck [15:35:32] im not hearing anything on my tv ponstan forte uk [15:35:33] bing: bing bing! [15:35:39] ktla says police are going into the cabin [15:35:42] ThereIsNoJustice: holy Ponstan 30 20mg - $148 Per pill shit, I missed the announcement too lol [15:35:43] cheese24: http://www.

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